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#metaliteracy To me, global perspective on Metaliteracy is something that is really hard to discuss, since huge portions of the globe don’t partake in metaliteracy yet. There are a lot of underdeveloped countries in many different parts of the world that just arent at a point in their development where metaliteracy can be important to their lives yet, since they’re still dealing with basic necessities like getting food, water shelter etc…I think its really cool that UNESCO is is promoting metaliteracy world wide because thats probably the only way that it will ever reach some of the countries that aren’t as developed as places like the United States and England. I think that metaliteracy world wide would be a wonderful thing for everyone who could be involved in it, because the more views and dimensions you can get on any given topic, the more you can learn and the more you can process things in a different way.

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The metacognitive dimension of metaliteracy is probably the most interesting part of metaliteracy to me, since it deals with giving yourself a bunch of new perspectives on whatever topic you may be researching or learning about. Its always easy to do something like read about one topic on one website and only get your own perspective from it, but seeing or hearing how other people feel about that topic, and their opinions on it open up a whole new perspective on the topic, and might make you think about things that you wouldn’t of thought of without that other persons input. For example, that Martin Luther King site that you had us look at in class, I thought the site as a whole was actually created to be serious, by some people who obviously had some very bad views on life, whereas a few other people in my group felt that it was a site that was made to be a big joke, and that none of the information that was on it was accurate or made to be taken seriously. I still think that the site was serious but there were certainly parts of it, like the quote on the front of the home page in the top left portion, that were certainly made to appear as a joke. Overall, the metacognitive portion of metaliteracy is incredibly helpful to expanding your thought horizons on any given topic. #metaliteracy

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How have social and technological changes influenced the various domains and roles of students?  Are there more or fewer roles and domains today, or has there been no change?  Do you feel that students are better off today than they were 50 years ago?  Why or why not?

Social and technological changes have vastly changed the domains and roles of students in many ways. Students are now able to constantly share ideas and theories online with literally millions of other people, they can get outside opinions on ideas they are developing or even just get some peer review on work that they have been doing. Websites like facebook and myspace make it incredibly easy to share essays, poems, videos and all other sorts of things. I feel like there are many more roles and domains today than there were say 50 or so years ago. The internet opened up a plethora of new domains and roles for everyone who is on it. Anyone can view and give their opinion on so many more things than they used to be able too. Journal articles and things like that get posted online and almost anyone can read them and give their opinion, and share their opinion with other people. I also feel that students are an incredibly amount more better off than they were 50 years ago, people can say bad things about the internet but no one can deny that it made sharing ideas and facts a world wide and instantaneous thing. Obviously as sites like wikipedia show not every fact that is posted on the internet is true. Also, you might not agree with some of the things that you see posted on the internet, but still, 50 years ago you wouldn’t of had anywhere near as much access to the things that you do today.

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first blog

This is honestly the first blog that I have ever created, not entirely sure what I’m supposed to be putting in it

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